Planet of Sound Rebrand Study

"Music should bring a lifetime of enjoyment and so should the gear you buy from us.”

- Planet of Sound

mock-up of logo on a business card
mock-up of logo in a record store


This is a logo rebrand study I did at Algonquin College. The purpose of the assignment was to go through the steps of creating a logo for a company.


A logo should aim to be a reflection of a business' passion and cater to their target audience. Before even starting to sketch designs, I needed to learn the core principles of Planet of Sound. I completed a brand audit to understand the personailty of their customers and who their competitors are.


Assign the description to an image if necessary
Assign the description to an image if necessary
Assign the description to an image if necessary
Assign the description to an image if necessary
Assign the description to an image if necessary
Assign the description to an image if necessary

Throughout the sketching phase I explored a variety of concepts, such as planets, audio equipment, and sound frequencies. I also explored different styles such as abstract logo design.

Music plays a big role in many people’s daily life. It can get people excited. It can help people relax, focus, and day dream. I wanted the design of the logo to capture the dynamic nature of music while also looking professional in order to reflect the quality of the products sold at Planet of Sound.


Preferred Identity

Planet of Sound redesigned logo with a black rectangle background

Logo Specifications

planet of sound black and white logo
planet of sound logo inverted

Since the company needs to communicate on a variety of media sources (i.e. print, web, social media) the logo needs to have some adaptability in order to provide the highest level of visual communication. Variations of the logo have been throughly explored, giving the company flexibility with the logo while maintaining a strong consistent look regardless of where the logo is used.

Clear Space

Planet of Sound Logo with a gray buffer around the edge to show the amount of clear space needed around the logo

Clear space is the amount of space between the logo and other content/elements. The “o” in the word “of” is used to set the minimum amount of clear space. Using the “o” allows the company to determine the right amount of clear space at different sizes, while still maintaining proximity and continuity to other elements.


Company green colour

Hex: #62b546

colour black used for contrast

Hex: #000000

colour white used for text

Hex: #ffffff

The colour green should be used as an accent. When used as the primary colour, it overpowers the type and the logo. If using the logo on a colourful background, say for packaging, the inverted logo or the black and white logo should be used. This will create enough contrast for the logo to continue to stand out and be identifiable.


Planet of Sound logo with arrows pointing to where each typeface is used

Neue Kabel is the only typeface used with the two weights being bold and regular. The company’s name is split into two different font sizes, using a scale of 2:1 (“Sound” will always be twice the font size of “Planet of”). Regular font weight is used for “Sound” and bold is used for “Planet of” and to unite the text and give it a structured and unified look while feeling dynamic.