3D Model and Animation Study


The goal of this project was to learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling in order to expand my skillset. Using a package design I had previously created, I made a 3D model and animation of the package design. This gives the package design a tactile quality digitally and allows it to be showcased to a greater audience.


With the help of resource guide and online tutorials I was able to take the diecut of my package design and make into an animated 3D model using the software Blender.


Assign the description to an image if necessary
Assign the description to an image if necessary
Assign the description to an image if necessary

Modeling and UV Mapping

shows two images side by side of the 3D model with one showing their mesh shapes and one showing what they look like with their material texture applied

The first step was creating the modeling for all the assets: the outside package, inside packaging, and various food items. This was accomplished by using mesh planes and UV spheres and adjusting their shape and size. In order to get the Starbucks logo and package design onto the model, I used UV mapping to take the die cut design I made and wrap it around the model. UV mapping was also used in preparation of the texture painting for the apple slices, grapes, and bread slice.

Texture Painting and Materials

image of a Node tree used in blender to give 3D objects their rendered look

One of the node trees used to apply materials to the 3D objects

Shows a 3D object UV unwrapped with the texture paint of an apple applied to the model's mesh

Texture painting allows you to apply the texture of an object using a photo and apply it onto a 3D model.

Texture painting allows you to take the texture of an object from a photo and directly paint it onto the 3D model. For odd shapes UV wrapping is used to flatten the 3D object and make it easier to texture paint. In order to enhance the look created by the texture painting I used material adjustments to give each asset a more photo-realistic look.


image showing Blender's armature bone rig used to animate the package

In order to create an animation of a package opening and closing I needed to use Blender’s armature tool to make a flexible rig. For the rotation of the table and packaging, I parented the 3D objects to a null object and gave the null a rotation of 360 degrees.

Environmental Lighting and Camera

3D objects seen through the active camera lens and shows the lighting set up used in the scene

For the lighting, I explored learning about 3 point lighting systems. This uses three lights at different positions and watt power to create a mood for the scene. I also used a camera with a depth of field setting so the sides and background are slightly out of focus in order to maintain attention on the 3D model.